Are Your Investments Earning 10%?

We are seeking sophisticated investors who want to earn more for their investment dollars.  If you have investments capital or IRA dollars that are not currently earning a 10% return, contact us today.

With our loans you earn high interest, have no stock market fluctuation and no fees to pay.

Your investment is secured by a Mortgage on the property, a promissory note, and a homeowner’s insurance policy.  You can drive over and look at where your money is loaned.  You are the bank.

We’re a for-profit Real Estate Investing company that invests in single family and multi-unit homes.  Since 2007, we have invested locally in Toledo and surrounding areas.  We purchase homes, rehab them and then sell them for a profit.  We are looking for investors that would like to make loans available to us and earn a 10% return.

Why not check us out?  It cost you nothing and there is no high-pressure sales pitch.  We are not Realtors, but private real estate investors.  We live in the Toledo area.  Contact us TODAY.


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