Preston Ely – In the past 6 years I’ve taught 60,000 people how to wholesale real estate, and John has been one of the elite. I can testify that John utilizes some of the most creative & effective marketing strategies for locating motivated sellers today. There’s no question, if you’re looking for some of the absolute best wholesale real estate deals, you’re in the right place right now.


Dan Auito – John has an arsenal of real estate investing weapons at his disposal and always seems to come up with just the right solution to complex problems that others can’t quite seem to solve. John is an out of the box thinker and above board producer who always gets the job done in fine fashion.


Christine Brubaker – When it comes to investing in real estate, John knows the ins and outs of the industry. He is knowledgeable and does his homework before committing to investments. I’ve learned a great deal from John and continue to learn as I grow my understanding of real estate investing. His genuine character and patience is a great quality he possesses which makes him and ideal mentor for those just entering or are interested in entering the real estate market. I would highly recommend John as a person to seek for sound real estate investing advice.

Rob Coats – John is a all around great guy. From the moment we first met at a real estate investor seminar he was nothing but kind and always willing to share his secrets of his real estate success. No ego at all and would help anybody at the drop of a dime. The world needs more stand up guy’s like John. John is the next Read Estate Guru that people will be paying thousands of dollars to see! I’m just glad I know him now. I would recommend John any day of the week!

Jarid Johnston – John learns fast and acts fast. If you don’t like wasting time and don’t want yours wasted then Johns your man. He is always networking and making deals that is a win win for all involved.



Matthew Orr – John is a phenomenal real estate engineer. His passion to solve the problems of his clients is inspiring. He is a great teacher of a broad array of real estate principles. He is a terrific internet marketer and I would use him to market my business any day of the week. His willingness to help others will continue his great success!! He is a real estate guru and I cherished the time I got to work with him.

Paul Burgoon – John is a true professional and will go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction.