Welcome to Toledoinvestmentdeals.com/the_blog – my blog site where I will share with investors and others interested in real estate investing my experiences, tips, tools, tricks, books, courses and methods that have made my real estate investing a smooth ride during what has been know as a housing crises.

Hi, I’m John, and ToledoInvestmentDeals.com, ToledoLeaseOption.com, WeBuyToledo.com and ToledoInvestmentDeals.com/the_blog are my websites. Here I write about all things related to real estate investing. I believe that anyone can make a nice income from real estate investing, they just need to be pointed down the right path, and shown some best practices about what works, and what doesn’t. I did not have a lot of help when I first started, and with this site I hope to help others find their way. I did not have a mentor, friend or family member who was investing that I could learn from. In fact I was told I was crazy for even trying. Through countless hours of reading, studying, attending workshops and spending thousands of dollars on courses I was able to create my own path.

How I Started Investing In Real Estate

I’ve been interested in real estate for years, every since I was a child. Real estate become a viable option for me while I was working for General Motors. There I had a job making good money but I hated every moment of it, I saw myself doing so much more. Well, from my disdain for that job I started looking at business options and I joined my very first MLM (hooray). It went well and I personally did good as far as sales but getting people to join my team wasn’t working so great. The company later went out of business. They had recommended reading so you could succeed in the business. One of the books led me to read “Rich Dad/Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki and let me tell you it was an eye opener! I started reading and studying everything I could get my hands on related to real estate.

A funny thing happened during this time, I started to think back on the classes the job provided for use to take as a personal improvement sort of thing. Guess what I took during that time; Home Inspection (even did a short stint as an apprentice with a local home inspection company), Light Carpentry,  Intro to HVAC, Intro to Plumbing, Intro to Electric, Snow Blower Repair, Power Washer Repair, Air Compressor Repair and even a Handyman class. I did not take these classes with the intention of going into real estate investing, no, I took them so I could take better care of my home and I liked houses, the structure of them. As things would work out these classes helped me greatly as I began my venture into real estate investing.

In 2004 I started my journey into real estate investing, dumb to what it was really all about. In my mind if I could have 10 quad-plexes that made me 2000 a piece each and every month I would be set. What I didn’t know was all the other things that came with being an investor like dealing with potential and current tenants, repairing the properties from tenant misuse, if I should manage them myself or get a property manger and so on. During my EDUCATION, and that is what it was, of 3 years I purchased books, courses and workshop packages from the who’s who on the real estate guru circuit. I joined my local REIA, I networked with others and did all that i felt I needed to do to be successful.  For a total of 3 years I did these things before actually doing any deals. I learned about wholesales, subject 2′s, lease options, short sales, foreclosure investing, loan mods, rehabbing, marketing/advertising, web 2.0 techniques, virtual investing, landlording and even took classes so I could obtain my real estate license. During that time I learned and realized I did not want to be a landlord, I did not want to deal with tenants, I did not want to be a realtor, I did not want to use my own credit or my own money to invest. Guess what? I learned I did not have to.

My focus became wholesales and subject 2′s, with subject 2′s being the first investing method I learned. From spending the time studying all the different methods it allowed me to determine what my investing method was going to be, how to implement it and to also learn from the mistakes of others. Most importantly these methods would let me do so without using my credit or money.

In 2007 I started investing and the first deal I ever completed was on a property in St. Louis, MO. I never saw the property, I never met the buyer and this was my first taste of virtual investing. I found out there were people searching for investing information on the net only to discover a sales page to a course, not any real helpful information. There was a void and this is what prompted me to start blogging about my experiences and what I have learned. I also realized that blogging gave me the opportunity to reach a far greater audience of investors as well as those interested in the topic.

The Blog

ToledoInvestmentDeals.com/the_blog was launched as a place for me to talk about my investing experience.  I started blogging about real estate investing on several different blogs I set up with xxx.wordpress.com addresses. I have closed those blogs and created this one as a means of having my posts associated with my site as opposed to the various blogs I had. I want to share what has helped me, and hopefully give others the extra helpful information they need in order to get started investing in real estate that may be lacking from many of the books and courses.  I also want it to be a place where we can share helpful dialogue, and where ideas flow freely, so please feel free to comment on any of the posts – I love hearing your feedback!

How To Stay In Touch

There are several ways you can stay in touch with me here:

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