Easy Ways To Get Real Estate Leads

As an investor you need Easy Ways To Get Real Estate Leads. Without them you will have a hard time obtaining or selling any real estate property. Having multiple ways of generating leads can make for a more satisfying investing experience for the newbie as well as the seasoned investor. Here are a few steps to getting quality Real Estate Leads.


Real estate leads are provided by a number of companies and have been around for years. Buying leads may sound foreign to you but the practice has been used by other industries for years like, Insurance Companies, Software Companies, Accounting Firms and Home Security Companies. So you too can consider this as an option.

  1. hotlineamerica.com
  2. realestateleadsource.com
  3. wehavehomeleads.com


People cannot contact you if they don't know you exist. This is where your visibility comes into play. Online visibility is a big part of this, which is why search engine optimization is such a hot topic among real estate investors. The more visible you are online, the more likely people will be able to find you.

You can also increase your visibility by publishing articles in your local newspaper, publishing articles and press releases online, being active in your community, conducting free seminars, and other aspects of PR. Visibility and awareness are the first steps to generating real estate leads, FREE real estate leads.


The investors who are most successful with real estate lead generation are those who understand the concept of "perceived value." When a person perceives something as being valuable, they naturally want that thing. In real estate terms, this perceived value comes from many elements.

An investor with unique knowledge of a certain niche or one who offers better properties or one who has a proven track record of client success or one who streamlines the process by networking with mortgage folks.

These are all ways a real estate investor can increase his or her perceived value, which is the value your audience perceives you to have.

You can also create an item with a high perceived value, and you can in turn use this perception of value to generate leads. Let's examine the concept of "free reports" as an example. Some invetors use this approach to real estate lead generation, but they botch the strategy because the report in question does not have a high enough perceived value — not by a long shot.

A report entitled "Top Ten Home-Buying Tips" does not have a strong perceived value and therefore will not generate many leads. Why? Because (A) it is generic, (B) it does not identify closely enough with the target audience, and (C) it's information that you can find anywhere. It is not exclusive "must read" information. It will not motivate the average reader.

So how do you increase the value of such a report? Easy. You make it a "must read" document. Instead of basic home buying tips, why not boost the value and put people under pressure to read the piece? Why not promote something like this: "Which City/Town Schools Are the Best? Exclusive Report Tells All".

This kind of document would have a much better chance of motivating people and generating leads. It would be easy to tie into real estate, too, so most of your leads would be qualified ones. But this is just something I came up with off the top of my head. You could create an even better "hot button" report with a little imagination and knowledge about your community.

To take this approach even further, you can add a visual element. Have a graphic designer create an eye-catching cover for your report, along with some thumbnail-sized versions to put on your website.


People don't trust strangers. We talked about that already. So if you cold call people as a stranger, you already face an uphill climb in terms of real estate lead generation. The key, then, is to inspire trust among your target audience. This will help you overcome the natural skepticism people have and make them more likely to contact you.

How do you generate trust? Testimonials help, especially when you use the former client's full name, photo, and neighborhood. A long track record helps too, as do awards, just be sure to tie these back to the success and satisfaction of your former clients.

You can also generate trust by sharing your expertise with people. Real estate blogging is a great example of this. I'm doing it now. If you publish a real estate blog over a long period of time, and people find that blog online (through search engines or otherwise), they will feel as if they already know you a little. If you publish quality content, people will realize that (A) you know your market, (B) you are active in that market, and (C) you obviously like to help people. Suddenly, you're not such a stranger.

Practice these steps and methods and I am sure you will find they work pretty well and I am sure you will find other Easy Ways To Generate Real Estate Leads.

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