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What Is A Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan Page

Have you thought about developing a presence for your business with a Facebook Fanpage? If your customer base is already using Facebook and you have a strategy before you get started, it can be a great way to interact, spread awareness of your company and provide another avenue for communicating events, products and promotions.

With a Facebook Fan Page being used for both personal and business needs many individuals, companies and organizations see the need in using this incredible marketing tool. Using a Facebook Fan Page correctly has become an integral part of many large corporations branding strategy and promotional campaigns.

Here are some resources that will better explain what a Facebook Fan Page is and what's it all about.

Static FBML: Not Every Facebook Fan Page Needs an Application
In this tutorial the well-known blogger Alison Gianotto walks you through what a Static FBML is and why it’s sometimes quite enough to create an attractive and efficient Facebook Fan Page.
Extending Facebook Static FBML Tabs with Dynamic Content
Continuing from the previous guide, this tutorial explains how to add some spice to your Facebook Fan Page using the DynamicFBML function. You can build an image or video gallery or even a micro-site inside a Static FBML tab quite easily.
Learn how to create sub-nav tab navigation within your Static FBML microsite using only DynamicFBML.
Creating a Custom Facebook Fan Page
This useful guide gives you a head start on building your own Facebook Fan Page. The tutorial includes such basics as Facebook Fan Page creation, restrictions on Facebook, creating tabs and displaying navigation and content elements using FBML and FBJS.
How To: Build a Facebook Landing Page for Your Business
This is Mashable’s brief guide on how to add and configure a Static FBML tab on your Facebook Fan Page.
How To Create the Perfect Facebook Fan Page
Some tips you can apply to your Facebook Fan Page marketing strategy that will put your Facebook Fan Page leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

Facebook Fan Page Templates

Many freelance designers and design studios offer customization services for your Facebook Fan Page. Standalone fan page templates are less widespread, at least so far. To provide you with the best possible starter kit, I’ve collected Facebook Fan Page themes that you can get either free or at a cost. Check here for starters.

Facebook Fan Page

Free PSD Facebook Fan Page Templates
This 520-pixel Photoshop layout of Facebook Fan Page tab is available for free downloading. If you are looking for a simple graphical presentation for your Facebook Fan Page, these templates may come in handy.

Facebook Fan Page

Absolutely Free Cool Facebook Fan Page Templates
This graphic FBML template, along with the PSD file, fonts and HTML mark-up, is available for free downloading. The package also includes an installation manual.

Facebook Fan Page

I hope you enjoy the information I have provided and I hope it helps you in your marketing and advertising. So, go ahead and harness the power of a Facebook Fan Page and reap the rewards.

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