Giving Up the Real Estate Goodies 2

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Once again here we are, I’m giving up the real estate goodies to help you succeed. In the first edition of Giving Up The Real Estate Goodies I gave you a few things to do that would help you build your buyers list fast. Well I want you to know that I practice what I preach. Yesterday I didn’t post anything because I wanted to test what I told you would work (i already knew it would). I posted 10 HTML banners on different sites, not ten on each, just 10 total and I received 17 new potential buyers added to my already long list of investors, landlords, rehabers, wholesalers and bargain house shoppers.

Now, I will do the single most important thing with them in the next day or two,……. Follow up with them.  I'll email them an during the follow up I usually try to determine how active a buyer they are. I accomplish this by asking several questions in my email:

1. What types/kinds of property are you interested in?
2. Will this be an investment property or one you will live in? If it’s an investment, then I’ll follow up by asking if they plan to fix & flip or buy & hold?
3. How much profit are you looking to make per fix & flip, or how much are you looking to cashflow per month on a buy & hold?
4. What is your financial ability to close on deals I present to you? Are you a cash buyer, or do you have financing in place?
5. How soon can you close when we have property you want to purchase?
6. How many properties have you purchased in the last 6 months?
7. How many properties do you plan to purchase within the next 6 months?
8. What areas or surrounding cities are you interested in purchasing property in?

Giving up the real estate goodies is what I do. I doubt very seriously you would get this kind of detailed information for free anywhere. So, here you are, equipped with the persons answers so you can quickly determine if they are serious about purchasing property or just another “Tire Kicker’ who is not going to do anything. By the time you finish reading their response email you will know what they like, what they’re looking to make, their ability to purchase, how active they are and areas of interest.

Now many people may feel as if these are personal questions. You may not feel comfortable asking them. Well, let me assure you that first, you are running a business and you need to conduct it as such and secondly if the person is a serious investor, landlord, rehabber, wholesaler or bargain house shopper they will have no problem answering them because they are looking for the best deal possible.

“what have you done today that will get you closer to where you want to be tomorrow”

About John G.

I'm a full time real estate investor in NW Ohio, investing since 2007. I specialize in Wholesales, Subject 2's, Rehabs, Mentoring, Private Lenders and web based marketing. I'm your personal Residential Real Estate Engineer

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