How To Build Your Real Estate Team

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For many wanting to get involved in real estate investing there is no need to attend a real estate coaching program or boot camp to get started. In some instances you can avoid real estate boot camps if you have a well built team behind you. I'll touch on three essential people to have on your team.

With the home prices at the lowest levels in years, the first person you want to find is a realtor who has at least 10 years of experience. That realtor will have seen the markets struggle before and will be very familiar with the situation. It's very important that you make sure this realtor has experience working with investors as well.

In this tightening credit market, a quality mortgage broker is a must. Again you want a broker who has experience working with investors and have a surplus of different funding programs still available.

Establish a working relationship with a trusted title company. That company can help you get more information about a property and help you make a well informed decision when making an offer on that property. The title company can also keep you up to date with your state laws and the available ways you may close a deal, this is key when your using creative financing to structure your deals.

Now, without spending any money on a real estate boot camps, you have a qualified coaching team ready to support you. I want it to be clearly understood that I'm not downplaying the importance of real estate boot camps.

I try to give information of value to the beginning investor who may not have a good deal of expendable cash to pay for a boot camp, so I'm suggesting that you can still give investing a try. When these three people help you to complete a few deals then attend a boot camp to expand your real estate investing knowledge.

Like Nike, Just Do It.

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I'm a full time real estate investor in NW Ohio, investing since 2007. I specialize in Wholesales, Subject 2's, Rehabs, Mentoring, Private Lenders and web based marketing. I'm your personal Residential Real Estate Engineer

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