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Marketing for Business Sponsorship

Did you know there is great value in having your business be a sponsor? In Marketing For Business I covered one way to use your business cards outside of what you may have normally practiced. In this edition of Marketing For Business I’ll cover another form of marketing that could have a huge impact on your business.


Through sponsorship you have a number of ways you can go to maximize the effectiveness of getting your business name out there, but here are the top 3 ways I’ve found to be highly effective.

1. Little league Sports – If you have kids that play sports you can be a sponsor for them. Maybe you get your business name on their jerseys or in their game program.  Here’s the best part, as they go through their season playing each team all the other adults will get to see your business name on their jersey or in the game program.

2. Non Profit/Charitable Groups - Find an active non-profit or charitable group in your city to support. Sponsor some of their events and their cause. Believe it or not, people pay close attention to groups who are listed as sponsors and in many cases the people who follow, support or participate in these groups look to support the businesses or people who sponsor them.

3. Cash Mob - Sponsor a cash mob for a local business that feeds off of what you do like a lawn service, a plumber, a handy man, a painter and so on. These could be the individuals who conduct the work on your properties or others you wanted to do business with but haven’t because you’re please with who you’re using. In turn these businesses will refer business your way and at the same time others in business will look to work with you. The best part is you could get business from both sides; clients and contractors.

So put your sponsorship plan into action and reap the rewards of your action and when you get a chance come back and let me know what method has worked best for you. If you have other methods you employ when being a sponsor please share them in the comments section below.

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