National Hard Money Lenders

National Hard Money Lender List

This list consists of National Hard Money Lenders for all 50 states. Some lenders lend in multiple states.

There are well over 2000 HML contained in the list. Here is what you will get:

  • States in alphabetical order with the lenders that lend in that state.
  • HML company name.
  • HML contact person email – if available.
  • HML address, city, state and zip.
  • HML phone number and contact person – if available.
  • HML website.

The lenders on the list will fund 100% of your deal (purchase & repair) up to 65% of the after repair value.

For example:

  • properties after repair value is 100K.
  • you can purchase and repair for 65K / 65% of ARV.
  • they will fund your deal 100%, 65K.
  • if there is room they will even roll your costs and fees into the loan.

It is your responsibility to contact the lenders once you obtain the list and to also present yourself as being credit worthy and or your deal being worthy of funding.


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