Using Facebook to Increase Business Vol.2


How To Suck At Facebook

Here are a few things you should not do or people you should not become if you plan on using Facebook to increase your business and leads.

  • The Gamer – The invites and updates never stop. I'm sure you get all those invites from the same person saying things like "Want to join my farmville. I just upgraded my pigs to level 13"
  • The Desperate Marketer – Their idea of marketing on Facebook is to spam all their friends with "become a fan of (whatever)" request. Usually (whatever) is themselves or a paying client.
  • The Horrible Photo Tagger – They will tag ANYTHING, regardless of whether or not it's something you want your family, co-workers or clients to see.
  • The Stalker – This person will follow you around Facebook and comment on everything you do and everything you comment on.
  • The Quiz Taker – You'd think everyone had gotten sick of these by now.
  • The Passive Aggressor – They post well rehearsed retorts without mentioning anyone by name.
  • The Filterless – They'll post updates about everything, even when it's something you'd never, ever want to know.
  • The Your Page Is A Billboard – They post all their ads on your page because you have more friends or more activity than they do. Funny thing is they never check with you first.


How To Increase Business On Facebook

Now that you know what it takes to suck at Facebook here is what you need on Facebook to increase your business……….

Facebook Fan Pages, is a full detailed article outlining what they are, how to set yours up and how to use them.

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