Using Facebook to Increase Business

Using Facebook to increase your business is a step in the right direction. Many investors, experienced and new, lack this much-needed skill. It’s a skill that takes a short time to master but you must work at it. Over the next few posts I will cover different ways of using Facebook to increase your business.


Upon creating your Facebook account and adding your friends and email contacts, you should do these things so you will experience the biggest impact.

  • Complete your profile as much as possible. Provide a picture of yourself, most people like knowing what you look like when they add you as a friend. Provide links to your sites, blogs and explain what you specialize in and how you can help them in their investing.


  • Join real estate groups. Any group within your area is a great start. Upon joining these groups add 10 people as friends and also make a post to the groups wall, again, about what you specialize in and how you can help them. You want to limit this to 5 groups a day so your not violating any Facebook rules. You don’t want to be considered a spammer.


  • When you have properties for sale list them on your wall and post them in the real estate groups you’re a member of.

These are a few things to get you started in the right direction. These steps can be used for any business, you would just change the types of groups you join. Also remember to post content that is consistent to whatever business you’re doing. Be sure to join me on Facebook by clicking ———————>>>>> HERE Go ahead get started using Facebook to increase business.

About John G.

I'm a full time real estate investor in NW Ohio, investing since 2007. I specialize in Wholesales, Subject 2's, Rehabs, Mentoring, Private Lenders and web based marketing. I'm your personal Residential Real Estate Engineer

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